Tiftix was founded in 2007 in Amsterdam. The first product group is carpet and ethnic products. Patchwork and recolored  is one of the first companies to introduce the carpet concept.  Then it expanded its product range with industrial furniture production.

Serax, Vanessa Mitrani , LinBrasil  Like Polspotten, Cuero, Dirk Van Der Kooij  Tiftix for the products of design-oriented companies  in stores  place is given.  Tiftix Turkey was founded in 2012.  The main philosophy of Tiftix is to carry the lived times into the future by combining ethnic and industrial interior decoration products with today's original designs.

Osman Aşoğlu

Osman Asoglu

Designer - Interior Stylist

Tiftix Tasarım
Murat Aşoğlu

Murat Asoglu

Finance Manager

Tiftix Halı
Vincent Coenen

Vincent Coenen

Designer - Art Director

Tiftix Design
Kaan Aşoğlu

Kaan Asoglu

Social Media Manager

Tiftix Mobilya

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